HDPE Pipe for Sewerage

HDPE Pipe Main Features:

  1. Excellent Slow Crack Growth Resistance Properties
  2. Superior hydrostatic strength and durability for long life
  3. Excellent chemical resistance
  4. Light weight and highly flexible for faster, easier installations
  5. Outstanding flexibility and crush resistance
  6. Fusion welded jointing provides leak-free monolthic pipe systmes
  7. Does not support microbial growth, eliminating tuberculation - inner wall scale build up, flow properties remain strong for life of pipe
  8. Non corroding, unlike metallic pipes
  9. Resistance to electrolyte corrosion
  10. Will not rust or rot.
  11. Resistance to chemicals - exceptional resistance to all external and internal corrosion.
  12. Specification - IS : 14333 - 1996
  13. Manufactured from 63mm - 400mm size in various pressure rating.


  1. Sewer collection networks
  2. Industrial effluent disposal
  3. Reclaimed Water
  4. Rehabilitation of existing sewers.

Product Range

  1. HDPE pipes are manufactured in the range of 63 mm to 400 mm size in various pressure rating.